Pot Hole Ridden Road or Paved Superhighway, Your Testimony Has Value

My testimony is boring, you don’t want to hear it

This is a response I hear all too often when asking people to share their testimony, but why? Why do we romanticize such brokenness? For some, to the point they wish it was their own story. Every testimony, regardless of how “silver spoon,” or lack thereof, it may be, has immense value. To say or think any less would be detracting from the value of salvation and minimizing the act of God giving his only son on the cross.

Look, I get it, the “phoenix rising from the ashes” testimonies put God’s boundless power on full display and shows that he can/will pull anyone out of anywhere, but there is no hierarchical structure to sin. It’s linear in the sense that you defying God is the sin regardless of the action/act committed, it is first against him before anyone else.

For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it.  – James 2: 10

Therefore, everyone who truly confesses Christ as their savior is being saved from the same thing. In turn, every story of salvation shares the same degree of value because at the root of it what you are revealing is God’s conquest of brokenness through his grace.

Do the varying paths to God account for anything?

Absolutely! There are a few, but here’s a couple; to demonstrate his almightiness. There is not a single crevice or situation on this earth that God cannot bring someone out of. Joshua 6 shows the saving of a prostitute; the cleansing of a leper (one of the most despised of the time, Leviticus 13)  lay bare in Matthew 8: 2-4. These are just a couple of the many stories in scripture that show no one is too broken or dirty for God.

His boundless love and desire for a relationship with us. Without stories of salvation originating from different places with people of varying statures and intellect. Man would be able to make a case for you having to be of a certain social class or geographic location to be saved. However, the story of Rahab in Joshua 6 and King Solomon throughout 1 Kings clearly shows that is not the case and that salvation is for all who call Christ, Savior.

Lastly, it gives you a platform. The things you were brought out of or through, give you an opportunity to speak truth to those in it. I think this is something we often either forget about or decide to turn away from. One facet of my testimony is being a veteran and the physical/mental effects of war. A lot of individuals in my situation shy away from opening up to others, because it is either too painful or for fear of what they’d think and I was no different. It has taken me some time to get to this place of openly talking about my struggles, but in addition to time, it took me fully surrendering those thoughts to God and casting them down at the foot of the cross. It ultimately wasn’t till then that those struggles lost their grip on me because I put my identity in something far greater.

Our different testimonies only show no-one is “off limits” to God,

not that anyone is more valued.

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